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Cassini, Mary

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Artist and Visual Designer
URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.worldsilence.com

The Weaver

Mary was trained in fine art at the Sidney Cooper School of Art, Canterbury, England. In 1978, under the tuition of her husband, master weaver Peter Stapleton, she began weaving in their studio at Oakbank.

Mary soon began weaving tapestries, which have increasingly become philosophical works that clearly illustrate her peace initiatives. Six Tapestries, under the collective title of “The Eleventh Hour” have been exhibited in various locations. Mary hopes to show “The Eleventh Hour” exhibition in areas of conflict to give a positive step forward in difficult negotiations.

The Peace Ambassador

Mary's initiative 3 MINUTES WORLD SILENCE has been accepted around the world. It takes place at 11 am local time worldwide each January 1st, and has a message for every one of us to remember the future and to wish for peace.

To spread global awareness of this message, Mary and her husband have travelled around the world, gaining support in the East and West. A journey to the Middle East 1990-1991 was successful, supported by Jewish and Arab leaders.

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