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Temporary Installation
Temporary Installation
(I heard) Your Footsteps (1994)
5000 Calls - Cardiff (2002), Five Thousand Calls - Cardiff
5000 Calls - Ljubljana (2003), Five Thousand Calls - Ljubljana
algæ • rhythm 1 (1996)
All Things are Passing (2002 - 2003)
Attached By One’s Own Action
Body Weather Erosions (1994)
BOO! (1994)
Braille Book (1983)
Caltex Sonic Sculpture (1983)
Close (2001)
Cloud (1994)
Concerto for Electric Guitar (1975)
Dead Centre the body with organs (1999)
Dense Room (1994)
Double Rock (1975)
Elsewhere: The Road Movie
Gestation (2000)
Haiku (2003)
The Heart of the Matter
How To Discipline a Tree (1994)
Kettle, Andrew (1971 - ), Artist, Curator, Sound Designer, Temporary Installation and Sound Scupltor
Kirk Gallery Ikon (1973)
Lift Project
Losing Ground
Love Is A Wonderful Thing
Make or Break
Mother Tongue (1994)
The Museum of Rumour
The Muted Harmony (1999)
Natural Rhythm (1983)
Ooh! Aah!
The Persuaders (2003)
Rice Paddies (2001)
Say Ahh (1997)
The Schwarzenegger Cycle (1994)
The Sea Wailing (2002)
Seed (2002)
Seeming Insanity of Forgiveness
Shaman - In Memoriam Terrance McKenna (2000)
Sound Designs for Floating Hotels at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Sound Garden (1994)
Sound Sites (1999)
SPring 8 Wind Organ (1997)
Suite Talk
Summoned Voices (2003)
Suspended Disbelief
Tabula Rasa (2003)
Take the AAA Train (1994)
The Thought of Sound (2003)
Transpoes (1994)
Voicing the Murray (1996)
Volcano (2001)
Bandt, Ros, Artist, Composer, Consultant, Curator, Sound Designer, Sound Scupltor, Theorist, Visual Designer, Improviser and Installation Artist
Brophy, Philip, Artist, Composer, Academic, Sound Designer and Theorist
Burt, Warren, Artist, Curator, Consultant, Theorist, Composer, Sound Scupltor and Installation Artist
Cabrera, Densil, Artist, Academic, Theorist, Systems Developer and Sound Designer
Carter, Paul, Artist, Theorist and Academic
Coyle, Rebecca, Artist, Curator, Theorist and Academic
Gibson, Lisanne, Academic, Consultant and Theorist
Pressing, Jeff (1947 - 2002), Artist, Composer, Theorist and Academic
Touring Installation
Touring Installation
Attached By One’s Own Action
Braille Book (1983)
Close (2001)
Mobile Sound Trailer (1988 - )
Sound Mapping (1998)
A C E F G I K M O P R S T U V W List of Functions  Search

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