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∞±∞ (2002), Infinity Plus or Minus Infinity
Body & Sound (24 November 1994)
Bowing Fences (2002)
Calvinesque Connections (1999)
ce n'est pas une idée originale (2002)
Child Support - 110 Bed Nights - The Opera
Concerto for Electric Guitar (1975)
Dead Centre the body with organs (1999)
Gaol Piece: The Architecture of Silence (19 November 1994)
Gates of Day! (2002)
human beings are animals too
Internalised City (1993)
Melbourne International Festival of Arts - Opening Ceremony (1998)
Natural Rhythm (1983)
newbrain (2001)
Pentekostarian (2001)
Remembering Mirrabooka ( 14 March, 1999)
Rice Paddies (2001)
Seeming Insanity of Forgiveness
the sound of one foot tapping (1998)
Tiger Snake and Runner of Light (2001)
the turing test (1999)
Barrass, Tim, Artist, Composer, Performer and Improviser
Brown, Andrew, Academic, Composer and Performer
Burke, Brigid, Artist, Performer, Composer, Improviser, Sound Scupltor, Visual Artist and Installation Artist
Connors, Carolyn, Artist, Composer and Performer
Cooper, Rod, Artist, Sound Designer, Performer, Improviser, Curator and Instrument Maker
Fitzgerald, Thomas (1955 - ), Composer, Musical Director, Performer and Musician
Hannan, Camilla, Sound Designer, Installation Artist, Composer and Performer
Harwood, Mark, Artist, Composer and Performer
Mann, Chris, Artist, Composer, Performer and Improviser
McDermott, Terry, Composer, Academic, Artist, Performer and Systems Developer
Norman, Anne, Composer, Artist, Improviser and Performer
Sabiel, Anna, Performer and Artist
Stelarc, Artist, Installation Artist and Performer
Trail, Margaret, Artist, Installation Artist and Performer
Permanent Installation
Permanent Installation
5000 Calls - Prime Installation (2000 - ), Five Thousand Calls - Prime Installation
Birrarung Wilam (2006 - )
Bray's Bay Foreshore Park
Cairns International Airport Sound Experience (1996 - )
Din; Ding Dang Dong (1989 - )
Federation Bells (Birrarung Marr) (2002 - ), Field of Bells
Listening Place (2003 - )
The Master's Voice (2001 - )
Meta-Diva (2002 - )
Musical Decking
Musical Fences
Proximities: Local histories / Global entanglements (2006 - )
Southgate Soundscape (1992 - 2006)
A Tether of Time (2000 - 2001)
Wall Piano
Chaplin, Gillian, Artist and Photographer
Three Minutes World Silence
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