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Doornbusch, Paul

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Academic, Artist, Composer, Consultant, sonologist and Sound Designer
Paul Doornbusch is a composer, sonologist, and performer who works largely with algorithmic composition systems for traditional instruments and electronics.

His work is presented internationally in concerts throughout Europe in Paris, Amsterdam, The Hague, Frankfurt, Köln, Berlin, Salzburg, and so on. He has also had performances in Australiasia, Canada and the USA. His latest works include Continuity 3, for percussion and computer, and Continuity 1&2, for electronics and bass recorders (premiered at the Salzburg Festival, 1999). Since completing a Bachelor of Music degree in Melbourne with Barry Conyngham he has studied and worked in Europe for many years with major composers, mostly in the Dutch music scene and at the Royal Conservatory of Holland. He has written music for a wide variety of performers and situations including pieces for ensembles, soloists, and electronics. Doornbusch's music is concerned with rich textures and elaborate but transparent musical structures that probe the extremes at every level for the performer and listener. Recently, Doornbusch has successfully completed a major research project, as composer in residence of the Computer Science department of the University of Melbourne, to reconstruct and document the music played by Australia's first computer -- CSIRAC, now regarded as the first computer music in the world.

Paul Doornbusch currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, and travels extensively. He is now working at RMIT University in sound, music and VR related activities.

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