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Hannan, Camilla

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Sound Designer, Installation Artist, Composer and Performer
I take location recordings of my environment and digitally process them into abstracted multi channel soundscapes. I am interested in the transposition of environments. How do we sonically engage with our environment? How does what we hear allow us to interpret our surroundings? If we alter the natural soundtrack where does that place us psychologically? Through my installation practice I wish to create a psychological environment that contrasts with the immediate physical surrounds.

My work investigates the notions of sound spatialisation. How does sound move within particular spaces and how does directionality and depth of field alter the sonic experience.

I am interested in the idea of the sonic narrative. How does what we hear affect us emotionally? What does an abstract sonic texture signify to the listener? I am intrigued by the way that certain sounds trigger memory. Not necessarily in a literal way, (e.g. a baby’s cry reminding us of childhood), but how non-literal and non-recognisable sounds can conjure a number of images and how that impacts on us. There are a number of studies on how frequency affects the psyche. What about tempo, compositional components, placement of sound, layering of textures and the like? These are thoughts that accompany me throughout the artistic process.

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