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Headphone Installation (2003)

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Gallery Installation
Location: Foyer Gallery, Canberra School of Art, ACT, Australia
Sound installation by Somaya Langley.


Headphone Installation comprised of four separate works on CD. The works are concerned with the exploration of city spaces and the notion of the disintegrating system. Addressed in this installation is the malfunctioning of technology and the possible ensuing sonic effects. Investigation into systems is carried out by constructing software systems to control sonic patterns: rhythmic and otherwise. These software systems allow Langley to explore the macro and microstructures of the work in non-linear manner.

Inspired by the noise of industry, urban development and city spaces Headphone Installation draws the listener into a space where they can explore sounds of city street recordings, sine-tone beeps and white noise. Repetitive rhythmic patterns hiccup and shift out of phase with one another, disturbing the meditative space.

The installation was presented as part of a group show in the Canberra School of Art foyer gallery. As this public space is frequently used as a thoroughfare, it was decided that a headphone listening experience would be the most appropriate.

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