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Body & Sound (24 November 1994)

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Location: The Gasworks, Albert Park, Victoria, Australia
An interdisciplinary programme featuring five performance artists who use the body as a starting point for explorations in sound.


Split Body: Voltage-In/Voltage-Out
A six channel muscle stimulator is interfaced with a computer to enable complex programming of the body’s movements. The left side is totally automated whilst the right side controls the attached Third Hand. Sound is choreographed with gesture and posture via sensors sampling body signals.

Steve Adam

In Chomophony, the human voice provides a huge range of sound types for electroacoustic transformation, (d)evolution and colouring. Even under this radical transformation, the link with the human voice in maintained.

Amanda Stewart

Two works: i x it and (i x it)2
Amanda Stewart’s powerful vocal performances explode outside verbal language to include utterances, extended vocal techniques and non-verbal implications. They are underpinned by an essential human vulnerability as the voice breaks up at the edges of expression.

Anna Sabiel

Tensile ii
Using tensioned piano wire the performer’s body is held in suspension, counterbalanced by three large industrial drums. The work integrated installation, sound production and movement; the soundscape created through gesture is both percussive and “subterranean”.

Herb Jercher

Stealth Cycle
In Stealth Cycle Jercher hits golf balls, cracks whips, bounces basket balls, shoots arrows, fires bullets at a guitar and uses woomeras, spears and martial arts devices. In each case the body of the object (golf club etc.) determines the shape of the user. The actions require physical stealth and keen acoustic judgement.
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