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5000 Calls - Cardiff (2002)

Five Thousand Calls - Cardiff
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Outdoor Installation and Temporary Installation
Location: Cardiff Millennium Riverwalk, Wales, United Kingdom
Installation by David Chesworth & Sonia Leber

5000 Calls was presented along the riverwalk outside the famous Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Utilising existing architectural elements, 32 loudspeakers were mounted at intervals along the eight giant masts and 24 tensioned cables to provide a changing corridor of sound along the riverwalk.

In this installation, local calls were recorded and added to the piece. These include fragments of traditional Welsh song, the Welsh Commonwealth women's hockey team and children playing football in Pontcanna fields.

Visitors to the riverwalk included many locals walking and riding to the city centre, with occasional major crowds for sporting events.

"I was suddenly struck by the intimacy - and by the archetypal quality - of the cries. By restricting themselves to preverbal utterances, they have, in effect, created a universal language. People can recognise and respond to these wordless exhalations. People also recognise the freshness of the piece's conceit."
Bleddyn Butcher, The Wire, London, July 2003

Commissioned by Chapter Arts Centre, with support from Cardiff Rugby and the Australia Council

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  • '5000 Calls', Chapter Arts Centre Magazine, October, 2002. [ Details... ]

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