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Couros, Panos

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Artist and Installation Artist
URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~panos/start.html
Panos Couros is a sound designer / composer and arts manager. His audio works include sound installations; a noise of worms (with Wayne Stamp) at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney; Sudden, at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane, and a rainforest soundscape along Circular Quay. Works for theatre and dance include the score for Thwack, a solo work choreographed by Garry Stewart for the Sydney Dance Company, #14 a collaborative multimedia event at Spring Hill Baths, Brisbane; Helmet, choreographed by Garry Stewart, and Inhabitation #2 a dance work by Tess de Quincey. He has also composed CDROM sound designs for basilisk and a universe of dirt by Couros/Sharp/Stamp, Pręternatural by Michele Barker, and Dream Kitchen by Leon Cmielewski. Most recently he collaborated with Jonathan Jones and Ilaria Vanni in The Sound of Missing Objects a sound installation at the Performance Space, Sydney. He is currently working on Omphalos - Oracle #7 an interactive oracle and sound installation. He also currently teaches sound at UNSW College of Fine Art in Sydney.
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