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Robbins, Cameron

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Artist, Installation Artist, Instrument Maker, Musician and Sculptor
URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.cameronrobbins.com
Education: Bachelor of Arts at RMIT, finishing in 1985, and a Post Graduate at Victorian College of the Arts 1989-90.

Cameronís work has been largely based on interaction with natural forces and the elements. He has devised many ways of producing a kind of collaboration between artist and nature. This is at its strongest in the series of Drawing Machines, which, through elaborate mechanical systems, transpose natural energies like wind, water, fire, and solar energy into strangely readable forms of ink drawings on paper, which themselves take on the forms of their stormy origins.

Cameron has also made a wide variety of Wind Machines which act as indicators of conditions, displaying different kinds of motion. These include machines which collect wind energy on the rooves of buildings and transfer it through axles to the interior spaces below, motivating different kinds of mechanisms to the rhythms of the elements. Other works include Cloud Tank, delving into the realms of fluid dynamics. This work involves a large wall-mounted glass tank holding swirling lustrous fluids, drawing the viewer in to glimpse an abstract realm of light and motion.

Further research into the elemental has lead to the production of the Steam Organ, a self-determining musical device, built into a large timber furnace structure which is ceremonially set on fire. The Organ is allowed to play freely in the fire, expressing the heat, wind and ambient acoustic.

Since 1990 he has undertaken many exhibitions, residencies and commissions in Melbourne and around Australia. These include shows at Artspace, (Sydney), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, (Melbourne), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, and Latrobe Regional Gallery, (Morwell). He works regularly with an arts partnership, Down Street Studios. The group has undertaken many works as a team and has worked on a number of large scale installations and commissions. Performances of large scale works including fire and sound have taken place at Construction in Process VI The Bridge opening night and Queenscliff New Yearís Eve 2000. Commissions include The Globe at Southgate, the Barwon Valley Aqueduct in Geelong, and Double Sump in Marree, outback S.A.

Cameron is currently a Sculpture Lecturer at RMIT, and is a part-time jazz musician on clarinet and tenor saxophone.

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