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Mann, Chris

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Artist, Composer, Performer and Improviser
Composer working in Compositional Linguistics, his work is mainly to do with the technology and philosophy of speech. Performer (voice). Since 1989 with Machine for Making Sense and most recently Chris Mann and the Use.


Astra Choir, John Cage, Composers Forum, Paris Autumn Festival, Australian Biennale, Radio France, Ars Electronica, Radio Telefis Eirann, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, National Public Radio, Revue Telematique dčArt Contemporain, Dance Works, Dance Exchange, Lingua, Art et Lectures, Abraxas, Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, la revue parlee, V2, Australian Network for Art and Technology, Goethe Institut, Shire of Healesville, Anzart, Christian Television Association, Commission for the Future, International Synergy, ABC Staff Union, Australia Council, Perth Institute for Contemporary Art, Festival de la Batie, Sprach Ton Art, Brisbane Biennial, BBC, Taklos Festival, ORF, Urban Aboriginal, American Society for Cybernetics, bobeobi, Thomas Buckner, Adelaide Festival, Experimenta, Gary Hill, Interpretations, Berliner Festspiele

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Published Resources

Audio Cassettes

Audio CDs

  • Chris Mann and the Use, Chris Mann and the Use, Lovely Music, New York, 2001. [ Details... ]
  • Machine for Making Sense, Talk is Cheap, Split, Sydney, 1997. [ Details... ]
  • Machine for Making Sense, Consciousness, Split, Sydney, 1999. [ Details... ]
  • Various, Frog Peak Collaborations Project, Frog Peak, 1997. [ Details... ]


  • Mann, Chris, Words & Classes, Outback Press, Melbourne, 1978. [ Details... ]
  • Mann, Chris, Word for Word, Christine, New York, 1983. [ Details... ]
  • Mann, Chris, Birth of Peace, 1990. [ Details... ]
  • Mann, Chris, Chris Mann and Grammar, Lingua, Iowa City, 1991. [ Details... ]
  • Mann, Chris, Working Hypothesis, Station Hill, Barrytown, 1998, 64 pp. [ Details... ]


  • Mann, Chris, da-dum, Glass box containing a serviette, a glass tumbler and box of matches - all with printed text., NMA, Melbourne, 1987. [ Details... ]


  • Mann, Chris, doin 2s, phon'm, Melbourne, 1982. [ Details... ]

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