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Child Support - 110 Bed Nights - The Opera

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The excerpt video clip “Hello, Hello”, is a piece form a one hour chamber opera for four soloists (one operatic tenor, two sopranos – one operatic and the other a popular singer – and a mezzo soprano- popular style singer.). In addition, the work calls for four sampler/mobile telephone, and electronic surround soundscape, and a live keyboard/sampler, live electric/midi violin/viola, electric flutes, acoustic/electric Bass and percussion.

“Hello, Hello” was performed in a workshop concert of this work in October 2002. In this song from the first few minutes of the work, the mobile telephone conversations interrupt and eavesdrop on each other, and a series of solo, duet, trio, and quartet sections evolve as the music and the story begin to unfold……….as the tenor searches “there must be words we can say…….” , before losing contact on his mobile phone.

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Prepared by: Iain Mott
Created: 31 July 2003
Modified: 11 November 2003

Published by The University of Melbourne
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