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Fitzgerald, Thomas (1955 - )

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Composer, Musical Director, Performer and Musician
Born: 1955  Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia


Thomas Fitzgerald has composed a wide range of music works for installations at major Festivals such as the Melbourne International Festival of Arts, Moomba Festival, as well as for electronic broadcast media. These have included commissioned works for A.B.C. Radio National and Television. After a period of study and professional activity in New York City and Indiana University, he returned to Australia performed as a musical director, violinist and violist with Symphony Orchestras, jazz and new music ensembles. He is especially concerned with electro-acoustic music and interactive multi media. In 2001 he formed the new music ensemble, “One Earth Orchestra” to perform his works for this evolving genre.

Artistic Statement

My music is created from a combination of sounds from the acoustic realm of nature and found random sounds and then combining these often with instrumental and vocal sound materials. I have been in a love hate relationship with electronic technology for over 30 years now, and I still am in wonder of the depth and scope of the beauty and expressive power of electronic and computer music. In my work I live and die for expression, depth of feeling and my refraction of beauty, whatever it can and can’t mean. Consequently, I am constantly reforming my sonic materials to reflect new relationships with each other and evolving directions that are a result of these new fusions. The combination of electro-acoustic and interactive multimedia is of great interest to me, especially with the added dimension of interactive sonic and visual multimedia. An important part of this process is the inclusion of liberated tonal sonic materials and pulsitile rhythmic techniques. I find new uses for these familiar materials free from any restrictions of previous functional system dictates. I am also enjoy the intuitive and emotional dimensions as a guiding “intelligence” - with their intrinsic “logic” that seeks integration and extension with more rational technical processes.
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