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the turing test (1999)

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Location: MAAP 99, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Conceived as a performance of sound art, in a rock venue (the Zoo). Live samples were taken from an AM radio, and manipulated using LiSa and MAX/MSP. The results were fed into a HUGE sound system at extremely high volume levels.

The interesting thing about this performance was that it happened to occur while a lot of craziness was going on in East Timor (and hence the radio), and somewhere during the performance things began to take on this craziness, such that an audience member commented later that it was quite frightening and he felt as though he was in a war zone.

The title was an umbrella used to promote the performance, which also involved two other artists, Andrew Kettle and Adam Donovan.

A limited edition cd-r was produced with a 12 page booklet, and given to the first 30 people to arrive.

Duration: a 45 minute descent into chaos

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