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newbrain (2001)

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Location: ACMC 2001, University of Western Sydney, Penrith, NSW, Australia
By Jeremy Yuille

A performance system is used to playback and manipulate sampled sounds found in a range of different environments, including:

· Virtual – the sound of pure data and network activity
· Physical – soundscapes and events that we hear everyday
· Micro – sounds not immediately apparent to the human ear

Improvising with these building blocks brings about a performance that cannot be repeated. The human element is essential. The piece is intended to be an immediate reflection of the state of the performer in their current environment. That is, how I feel at the time in the space. Technically, the piece is achieved with MAX/MSP running on a powerbook, using a usb game-controller to interface with and control the software in a gestural fashion.

Duration: Variable. This piece is an improvisation. It can be 20 minutes long, or 5 minutes short. Preferable duration would be in the order of 15 minutes if possible. Incidentally, newbrain was originally called short attention span because I have one, and think that one of the biggest issues in live performance is that of editing (particularly self-editing). I was encouraged by Kim Cascone during the conference dinner to call it newbrain based on studies he had been doing into the way people experience time (I think.. well, it was the conference dinner, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and it is a better title)

Review at: Oven-Garde : Lap-toppers can dance

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