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∞±∞ (2002)

Infinity Plus or Minus Infinity
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Location: ACMC 2002, RMIT, Melbourne, NSW, Australia
By Jeremy Yuille

∞±∞ has two stages; the first requiring access to the digital source of works accepted to be played at the event in which ∞±∞ is performed. The works are sampled, and manipulated during the course of the event in which they themselves are performed. This provides the context in which to place the work.

The second stage involves a performance using only the sounds harvested and cultured in stage1. The performance finishes with the only version of the "original" samples being systematically eroded and finally destroyed. There will never be a second performance with the same source.

∞±∞ addresses issues of authorship and origin, individuality and creativity. Issues present in many fields where the media of choice has become 1 and zero.

Duration: 10-15 min (max)

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