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ce n'est pas une idée originale (2002)

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Location: Liquid Architecture 3 & What is Music?
By Jeremy Yuille

This is not an original idea, it’s not even contemporary. The piece is in some ways a reaction to personal events in my life at the time. Its source is a single complex sound that is in fact two piano chords (but it could be anything really, as long as it has a similar envelope) that are spectrally stretched to last 15 minutes from an original 1 or 2 seconds. This source is then fed through a series of spectral and time based manipulations being controlled by my trusty game controller, or a midi fader box. The sound is made to feed back on itself resulting in a screeching banshee howl.

This howl is played, always different, yet with the same cathartic outcome. High volume and good low frequency response in the Sound System is essential. This piece should hit the performer, and the audience on a physical level, somewhere in the upper chest cavity.
The sound then fades back to nothing, going through the transformation in reverse.
In this sense, the work is un-original as it is nothing more that a scream of raw emotion, albeit amplified and synthesised.

In the Liquid Architecture performance I incorporated an analogue mixing desk into the matrix, feeding it back into itself and playing this as an instrument. The What is Music? performance resulted in the an extremely close bond between the body and the music, through use of the gestural controller and a simplified sonic palette (ie one sound).

This piece reminded me of a Busoni quote which I’d used ages ago with humantexturesource, making it feel a little like I had come “full circle” back to musical ideas I had been playing with in 1995.

Duration: 5 – 30 minutes – probably no more that 20

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Prepared by: Iain Mott
Created: 31 July 2003

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