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Love Is A Wonderful Thing

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Computer-Controlled Installation, Gallery Installation, Temporary Installation and Interactive Installation
Sound by Les Gilbert and Gillian Chaplin. Photographs and assemblages by Gillian Chaplin, video by Les Gilbert.

The basis and inspiration for the piece is the phrase 'love is a wonderful thing' which is sung repetitively and continuously by Gillian. The repetition of this phrase is modulated with other sounds from many different natural environments. The piece explores the relationships between a very private and intimate glimpse of interior vulnerability and the vastness of the urban landscape, both physical and environmental. It uses sound, photographic images, video and sculptural assemblages.

The assemblages are contained in 16 boxes 300mm square with a depth of 150mm. The boxes are suspended from the gallery ceiling at approximately eye level. They contain assemblages made from photographic prints, small objects and small lights. Each box also contains a concealed loudspeaker and a motion sensor.

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