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If We Had Antenna For Ears... (2001)

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Audience Interactive Installation, Gallery Installation and Interactive Installation
Location: USQ Performance Centre, Queensland, Australia
Displayed at the Spectacle exhibition, USQ Performance Centre from the 9 October to the 1 November, 2001. Kettle, creates a ‘sound’ installation that immediately appears silent titled 'If we had antenna for ears...' utilising amplified inductor and transformers. The audience must complete the work by exploring the plinth with a separate modified radio component. The work elaborates the context of sound as installation and the spectrum in which a sound artist creates. As a relatively new art-form, sound has been approached inventively by Kettle. Whilst a work of sculpture the primary consideration has been given to the ‘sounds’. The work has a sinister element by exposing the listener to the reality of radiation in which we live our daily lives.
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