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Small Black Box

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Location: IMA, Brisbane
Ongoing event. Occurs last Sunday, monthly.

URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.smallblackbox.com.au
Additional Information
A monthly performance space at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, to foster a community (both artists and audience) dedicated to experimental music and sound art in Brisbane, Australia.

The opportunity for local and interstate artists to fulfil experimental music performances and sound art installations is the inspiration overflowing from Small Black Box. Artists are freed to concentrate on their work and have it scheduled into a rapidly evolving year program that attracts Brisbane audiences.

Intimate audiences are supporting present skirmishes with sound art and experimental music performances sporadically attacking the entertainment scene; with a monthly medication Small Black Box aims to develop, refine and widen the tastes and education of the audience.

With support from sponsors (Arts Qld, Institute of Modern Art, EMIT/QUT Online Radio & Qld Biennial Festival of Music), ticket sales and volunteers, the budget for Small Black Box is modest, an emphasis is on local artists performances as a cultural exchange of ideas with local talent. Promotion is approached innovatively by reinforcing flyers and posters with emails and newsgroups, aus_noise , enhancing the word of mouth support that drives the awareness of new music performances in Brisbane.

Small Black Box, as a performance space is a pivotal location for new music in Brisbane. Associated with the events will be a regular stall of recorded works by artists.

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