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Stevenson, Ian

Artist, Composer, Sound Scupltor and Installation Artist
Ian is a sound designer and sound artist who has worked since 1985 in both commercial and art theatre, film, broadcast and music. Ian's installation work has been presented in several group and solo exhibitions both in Europe and in Australia. Ian was Sound Designer on the digital 3D animation Solitude (dir. Trevor Harrison-Phipps, voted Best Animated Film at the 2000 Belfast Independent Film Festival). Living in the UK from 1992 to 1999, he held various positions including sound designer for the Peter Hall Company in London, Tonmeister for the Mike Westbrook Orchestra in Europe and the UK, and sound engineer for the noted London firm Autograph Sound Recording. In his post-graduate studies in the UK at the electronic music studios of City University, London, he researched musical aesthetics and advanced interface design for vocal performance and signal processing instruments.

Ian continues to integrate his commercial and artistic practice.

Qualifications: Dip. Music, Open University, UK (1996). Postgrad Dip. Music Information Technology, City University, London (1997). BA (Hons) Open University (1999). MSc (Music Information Technology) City University, London (1998).

Exhibitions: 1988 Metro Arts Brisbane joint exhibition with Edward Gillam, 1992 Exeter and Devon Arts Centre Image solo installation project, 1997 St Katharine Docks, London Motion site specific installation, 2000 ACCA Melbourne Soniferous Objects Sonic Residues group exhibition, 2001 UWS Penrith Cathedral Impulse Waveform group exhibition.


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