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Burke, Brigid

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Artist, Performer, Composer, Improviser, Sound Scupltor, Visual Artist and Installation Artist
Born: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.brigid.com.au
Brigid is a audiovisual artist who will use any media to accommodate the space whether it is a performance or site specific. Her work is predominantly driven by the sound and is complemented by other media (visual and text) in many cases. Her aim is to create energy of movement from the various componets.

She is primarily a composer, clarinet soloist, improviser, visual artist, and educator. She has performed extensively in solo and chamber recitals, most recently at many International Electronic Art Festivals. She has also performed in many solo and chamber performances locally, festivals and venues in Australia for over two decades.

Her visual art incorporates print making and computer graphics which she has received twelve art awards and exhibited through out Japan in the “Japanese International Hand Printed” & “Shhin Kohanga” competition since 1989. Many of art works have been developed into both sound works and audiovisual performance works incorporating live, prerecorded electronics, clarinets, video and slide projected compositions. “The Muted Harmony” is an electro acoustic sound installation incorporating sculptor, printmaking and emphasis on making them one.

As a freelance performer/composer/sound artist she is regularly broadcast on ABC FM including local & overseas radio and has recently completed a commission from the Australian Broadcasting Commission Listening Room “An Inner Thirst” to be broadcast early in 2003. Her most recent CD recordings are “Intersect”, “Tri Duo”, “Burke & Wilmot” and “Electronic Compositions 1997-2001”, which have been reviewed and broadcast internationally.
The Performing Arts Board of the Australia Council, ANAT, South Australian Govt., Community Arts Centers and Universities have also supported Brigid. She has a Master of Music in Composition from Melbourne University and is currently lecturing at Victoria University Melbourne.

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