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Rose, Jodi

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Artist, Composer, Sound Scupltor and Installation Artist
URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.singingbridges.net
Jodi Rose is a nomadic writer and conceptual sound artist. Originally from Sydney, Australia she is now engaged in travelling the world recording the sound of bridges in search of their secret voices that she hopes will result in a song that dissolves the world. This project is part of her research for a Masters in Media Art at Melbourne University, School of Creative Arts. Jodi Rose trained in Sculpture, Performance and Installation at Sydney College of the Arts, leading to her founding the Cult of the Mad Genius Artstar, (COMGAS). The work of COMGAS is diverse and eclectic, connected by a desire to explore the gaps and spaces in the fabric of cultural production. COMGAS works range from the infamous ‘Anti-Art Certificate’, to Otira’s ‘Tele-Seismic Emergency Phone’, the ‘Mythopoeia’ series in Alice Springs and Bega, ‘Architectonics of Delirium’, her current global bridge project ‘Singing Bridges,’ and upcoming ‘Wish Boxes’ series.


Singing Bridges website included in rhizome on-line art database www.rhizome.org, May 2002;
di-fusion media event, audio streaming of bridges remote location from Helsinki, art.colarado.edu/di-fusion www. katastro.fi, Finland April 2002;
Oblique - Culture in Otira, New Zealand, Jan 1999;
Mythopoeia II, Old Bega Hospital March 1998;
Sound States - Uncertain Destinations, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art May 1997;
Leonardo Music Journal CD Vol 6 - The Lyre’s Isle, A Survey of Australian Sound Art and Design, MIT Press, Dec 1996;
Mythopoeia I - A journey, a place, an event, Alice Springs June 1996;
Sound in Space - Audiotheque, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, May 1995;
A Typical Headset, Artspace Sydney, Aug 1995;
Women & Technology - The Performance Space, Sydney ‘Emergency Phone’ 1994;

Publications, Broadcast and Performance

Unreliable Networks - new currents in electronic audio, video, and immersive arts at RemoteLounge, Bowery NYC - one of the experimental/interactive projects from around the globe presented by www.alowlab.org, New York City, August 2002;
Participant in 91Streaming the Fields’ Shu-Lea Cheang’s media garlic event www.rich-air.com New York City and Upstate NY, July - September 2002;
Guest with CD Kreisverband Friedrichschain, Kunstraum, Kunstlerhaus Bethanian, Berlin 2002;
The Salon, Sound and sculpture with Thomas Deverell, Fitzroy, June 2000;
Like, Art Magazine, Volume 9. RMIT Uni ‘Report from Otira’ August 1999;
Earshots - The Listening Room - ABC Radio National ‘Emergency Phone’ August 1999;
Dusseldorf Artists Archive, Oblique Seminar Room, Otira, January 1999;
Bleep Bleep, Electronic & Sound Performance, Revolver Prahran Nov 1998;
ooops too late - the complete crime, Counter Media Event @The Performance
Space Sydney ‘Our Machines Answer for Us’, July 1997;
Like, Art Magazine, Volume 4. RMIT Uni Spring 1997; Review ‘Australian Perspecta’ 1997;
Leonardo Music Journal CD Vol 6 - The Lyre’s Isle, A Survey of Australian Sound Art and Design, MIT Press, Dec 1996;
HQ Magazine, follies page HQ Magazine Nov/Dec 1996;
Essays in Sound II - Technophonia, Sydney Contemporary Sound Arts 1995;
ParaSite, Newsletter: Editor & Writer SCA 1994-1995.
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