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The Heart of the Matter

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Gallery Installation, Temporary Installation, Audience Interactive Installation and Interactive Installation
Location: Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Western Australia, Australia
By Nola Farman

Two armchairs face each other across an island of carpet. One of them is occupied by a large red plastic love heart, steadily beating and pulsing with light. As anyone approaches, the heart beats faster and louder, subsiding as s/he moves away again. (the heart’s ‘sensitivity’ to the spectator’s presence is simulated by the action of two fields of ultrasonic radar which regulate the rhythm of its beat). For some people, the Heart appears to be excited at their approach and for others it seems to be alarmed. When anyone sits in the empty chair it causes the telephone to ring. The telephone plays an endless loop tape (Text written and performed by Anna
Gibbs). The contents of the tape consist of a voice which insists by means of a persistent monologue, on the distance as well as proximity or intimacy offered by the telephone to the user - but the person using the telephone is not alone. The telephone is called the Heart Line. A surveillance camera is always trained on the empty or occupiable chair and the image relayed to the outside of the installation. The room is controlled by two fields of ultra sonic radar.
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