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Gallery Installation, Audience Interactive Installation and Interactive Installation
Location: Art Gallery of Western Australia, Western Australia, Australia
By Nola Farman

Several sections of old cars have been dragged into the gallery and electronically activated in some way - by sound and/or video. This piece was made in collaboration with Anna Gibbs, Brad Clinch and Helen Britton. An additional sound track of a rusty car disintegrated was conceived of and produced by Ros Bandt. The rear vision mirror has a miniature TV inside. The video is about memory and the processes of forgetting and remembering. Rear vision or an endlessly receding past. This piece is silent. The boot or trunk section is lit red to engage with the idea of the car as a body - a prosthetic. This section has a sound track and a TV in the floor of the boot - the road seems to continually pass beneath the car. Anna Gibbs wrote and produced the sound track in the dashboard. The sound of a car crash comes from the fender. Timed to occur unexpectedly but activated by people walking in front of it.
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