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Beaming the Theremin

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Location: Grainger Museum, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Curator: Ros Bandt
Theremin: Jon Drummond
Lighting and Projection Artist: Hugh McSpedden
Audio Engineering: David Collins

Beaming the Theremin transforms the Grainger Museum into a lotus flower of electronic sound and light. Inspired by Grainger’s penchant for the theremin, and his idea of incorporating spotlights in his final Free Music machine, the Electric-Eye Tone-Tool, Beaming celebrates his pioneering work with electronic music and machines. Composer, performer, designer, innovator in multimedia and technology, Grainger was a truly inter-disciplinary artist embracing new ideas with experiment, brilliance, hard work and refinement. This spirit continues today.

The two-hour concert of Australia’s newest and finest electro-acoustic music presents the work of twenty artists, paying homage to Grainger. Many are world premieres.

The Artists: Aether (Leigh Perdrisat & Steve Oakes), Roger Alsop, Warren Burt, Brigid Burke, Densil Cabrera, Tristram Cary, Roger Dean, Paul Doornbusch, Ian Fredericks, Andrew Garton, Michael Hannan, Karlin Love, Gordon Monro, Paul Moulatlet, Ron Nagorcka, Jon Rose, Alessandro Servadei, Phil Slater and Mitchell Whitelaw.

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