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Sound Playground (1981 - 1982)

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Audience Interactive Installation, Outdoor Installation, Sound Sculpture and Interactive Installation
Location: Temple Park, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
By Ros Bandt

The Sound Playground ( Melbourne, 1981) was a play sculpture, given to the people of Brunswick by the artist. It was an interactive free sculpture that could be played by a number of people at once, and consisted of panels of musical instruments installed in a two-storey frame suitable for climbing. All materials came from factories, tips and warehouses in the vicinity. It was built in one of the few parks in a heavily populated area, close to high-rise Housing Commission flats, where the sound zoning was a combination of residential and light industrial. It served both the local and the wider community for two years while the artist gave free music workshops to people of all ages and from varied backgrounds. The construction time was eighteen months from the design to the opening, and the workshops continued for another year.
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