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Mott, Iain

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Artist, Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Scupltor, Systems Developer and Installation Artist
Born: Brighton, England
URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.reverberant.com
Iain Mott is a sound artist working in the field of computer-based, interactive installation. These installations examine the physical relationships of participants with sound, sometimes placing them in performance roles or drawing their attention to their own physicality within the acoustic space. He has exhibited nationally in Australia and internationally at exhibitions including the 1998 Ars Electronica festival in Austria. Iain was the 1999-2000 Artist in Residence at the CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences. At the CSIRO he worked on projects as diverse as immersive-video installation, touch sensitive virtual environments with 3-D audio and a database-centred installation for the collection, storage and resynthesis of human speech.
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