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McLachlan, Neil

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Composer, Artist, Sound Designer, Sound Sculpture, Systems Developer, Sound Scupltor and Installation Artist
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Dr Neil McLachlan has extensive professional experience ranging from the performing arts and music, installation art and design, psychological modelling and acoustic and aerospace design and engineering with patents and publications in all these fields. He is currently an Associate Professor in Acoustic and Auditory Modelling in the Department of Psychology at the University of Melbourne. He has over 40 refereed publications and invited presentations and his work has been described in Nature and featured in New Scientist.

Dr McLachlan is a director of Australian Bell and was a designer of the Federation Bell project in which the World's first harmonic bell was invented. He is currently prototyping new musical instrument designs and collaborating with psychologists and biosignal engineers on the measurement of human responses to sound as a means of establishing acoustic design criteria for musical and architectural applications. He has undertaken extensive research on machine sensing that has now found application in bio-informatics and has 5 ongoing international patent applications relating to the harmonic bell, military aerospace design, and bio-informatics systems.

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Published Resources

Conference Papers

  • McLachlan, N. M and D. Cabrera, 'Calculated Pitch Sensations For New Musical Bell Designs', in ICMPC 7, University of Western Sydney, 2002. [ Details... ]

Journal Articles

  • McLachlan, Neil, 'Finite Element Analysis and Gong Acoustics', Acoustics Australia, vol. 25, no. 3, 1997, pp. 103-107. [ Details... ]
  • McLachlan, Neil, 'Acoustic Quality in Musical Instrument Design', Sounds Australian: Journal of the Australian Music Centre, no. 62, 2003, pp. 34-36. [ Details... ]

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