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Helyer, Nigel

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Artist, Visual Designer, Curator, Sound Designer, Sound Scupltor and Installation Artist
URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.sonicobjects.com

My childhood village contained two significant buildings, significant not for their formal qualities, they were both simple cottages, but because one had been the home of Halley, the astronomer and the other the home of William Blake the poet. Without being conscious of the fact, I grew up in a cosmos in which the arts and science were intertwined, it has marked my endeavours ever since.

Nigel Helyer (a.k.a. Dr Sonique) is a Sydney based Sculptor and Sound Artist with an international reputation for his large scale sonic installations, environmental works and new media projects.

He is a co-founder and commissioner of the “SoundCulture” organisation, a VACB fellow of the Australia Council an Honourary Associate in the Architecture Faculty of the University of Sydney and the winner of this year’s Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award.

Tertiary Studies

Design Foundation; West Sussex College of Arts and Design, UK, 1970~1971.
B.A. Honours in Sculpture; Liverpool College of Art, UK, 1971~1974.
M.A.R.C.A. in Environmental Media; Royal College of Art, UK 1976~1979.
Doctor of Creative Arts; University of Technology, Sydney, Australia 1991~1996.

Awards and fellowships

Artist in Residence at the Greene Street Studio NYC and the Exploratorium Museum San Francisco, USA, 1988.
Artist in Residence, in the Iron Foundry Division of the Kohler Corporation, Illinois, USA, 1991.
Artist in Residence, at the Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University, Thailand and Visiting Fellow at the Hanoi Institute of Fine Art, Hanoi, Vietnam, 1993~1994.
Australia Council Fellowship (VA/CB) 1992.
Artist in Residence, Lake Technology, Sydney, undertaking research into Virtual Reality Audio Systems, 1999-2001.

Exhibitions and Commissions

"Din;Ding,Dang,Dong" a permanent Public Sculpture commissioned by the Seoul Olympic Organising Committee for the Olympic Park, Seoul, Korea, 1988.

"La Zona del Silencio" a Sound Sculpture installation exhibited at the Biennale of Sydney, 1992. (This project was accompanied by two 60-minute radio broadcasts commissioned by ABC Radio).

"Silent Forest" a Sound Sculpture installation exhibited at the San Francisco Art Institute, USA, 1996 and the National Gallery of Victoria 1997. (This project was accompanied by a 30-minute radio broadcast commissioned by ABC Radio, Sydney and KPFA Radio, Berkley).

"The Transit of Venus" a Sound Sculpture installation exhibited at Kiasma (The Museum of Modern Art) Helsinki, 1998 and at the Auckland City Art Gallery, New Zealand, 1999. (This project was accompanied by a 60-minute radio broadcast commissioned by YLE, Helsinki (Finnish National Radio) and ABC Radio, Sydney).

"Dual Nature" a permanent Public Sound Sculpture commissioned by the City of Sydney for the Sculpture Walk project, sited at Wooloomooloo Bay, Sydney 1999.

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  • Helyer, Nigel, 'No Techno Babble', State of the Arts, August/November, 1997, p. 12. [ Details... ]

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