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Chesworth, David (1958 - )

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Artist, Composer, Sound Designer and Installation Artist
URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.waxsm.com.au/
David Chesworth’s distinctive compositions and installations have been performed and exhibited extensively in Australia as well as the Americas, Europe and Japan. Major festivals which have featured his work include Ars Electronica, Festival D’Automne de Paris, Edinburgh Festival, Melbourne International Festival, Adelaide Festival, Sydney Biennale and SoundCulture.

Together with collaborator Sonia Leber, David Chesworth is a director of Wax Sound Media which has created a series of innovative public-art and museum installations including the recently completed 5000 Calls, a permanent ‘sonic environment’ for the surrounds of the Sydney Olympic Stadium for the 2000 Olympics and beyond. Other projects include works for the Museum of Sydney and a permanent soundscape artwork for Canberra’s City Walk.

Chesworth is the artistic director of the David Chesworth Ensemble whose first CD, Exotica Suite was nominated for an Aria award in 1995. The second CD, Badlands, is available through W.Minc (EMI). The ensemble has given numerous performances including the Melbourne Festival with Gavin Bryars, and the Sydney Spring Festival of New Music. The ensemble recently performed a series of concerts in New York and Washington, including the BAM Next Wave Festival and Bang On a Can Marathon.

Chesworth recently completed Cosmonaut, a major new work commissioned by Opera Australia. His first opera, Insatiable, was completed in 1986. Since then, he has worked regularly with Melbourne’s Chamber Made Opera (works include Recital, The Two Executioners and Lacuna), and with the Melbourne Festival (works include Domepiece and Sabat Jesus).

Southgate, scored for the 1991 Southgate opening in Melbourne, received an international Prix Ars Electronica honourable mention. Sabat-Jesus was selected to represent Australia in the 1994 Paris International Rostrum of Composers. Insatiable received the 1988 A.T.O.M. Award for Most Innovative Film, and The Two Executioners received the inaugural Age Performing Arts Award for the Most Outstanding Fringe Performance. In 1997 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to pursue studies with opera composers including Robert Ashley and Gavin Bryars.

From 1978–1982 Chesworth coordinated the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre in Melbourne, a centre for experimental music, performance, film and video. As a solo performer and with groups like Essendon Airport (1978-83), he performed extensively during this time.

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  • Chesworth, David and Sonia Leber, '5000 Calls', Earshot: Journal of the UK & Ireland Soundscape Community, No. 2, 2001. [ Details... ]

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