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Carter, Paul

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Artist, Theorist and Academic
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Paul Carter was born in 1951 in Oxford, England and attended Oxford University. He then lived in Italy and Spain before coming to Australia in 1980. He is currently a Professorial ARC Research Fellow at the Australian Centre, the University of Melbourne. His prolific writing and sound/text installations explore the formation of identity in colonial and post-colonial contexts. His concepts of spatial history and ephemeral architecture have been internationally influential in reinvigorating debates about the processes of affiliation to land and landscape. His books include Depth of Translation, The Book of Raft (1999), Lost Subjects (1999), The Lie of the Land (1996), The Calling to Come (1996), Living In A New Country (1992), The Sound In-Between (1992), The Rood to Botany Bay (1987, 1988, 1989). In 1999 he collaborated with Ruark Lewis on Relay, twenty poetic texts evoking the meaning of the Olympics to Australians, commissioned by the Olympic Coordination Authority. Also in Sydney, Carter collaborated with Hossein and Angela Villamanesh to produce the soundscape 'Out of Their Feeling' for the Great Irish Famine Commemoration Sculpture at Hyde Park Barracks. Most recently he has designed Nearamnew, a sculptural and paving installation located in the main plaza of Melbourne's Federation Square.
Published Resources


  • Carter, Paul, The Sound In Between, NSW University Press and New Endeavour Press, Sydney, 1992. [ Details... ]

Book Sections

  • Carter, Paul, 'Desire of Dialogue: Radio Writing and EnvironmentalSound', in Martin Thomas (ed.), Uncertain Grounds: Essays Between Art & Nature, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, 1997, pp. 143-159. [ Details... ]

Journal Articles

  • Carter, Paul, 'Acoustic Futures: Sound Noise and Urban Design', Artlink, vol. 11, no. 4, 1991/2, pp. 12-13. [ Details... ]
  • Carter, Paul, 'Performing History Hyde Park Barracks', Transition, no. 36/37, 1992, pp. 8-19. [ Details... ]
  • Carter, Paul, 'Speaking Pantomimes:Notes on The Calling to Come', Leonardo Music Journal, vol. 6, 1997, pp. 95-98. [ Details... ]
  • Jackson, Mark, 'Raft: Ruark Lewis and Paul Carter', Agenda, no. 44/45 October, 1995, pp. 39-40. [ Details... ]

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